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Pittsburg Recreation Programs

Quality Pittsburg recreation programs for Pittsburg youth ages 5-25 who love to sing and dance. Now Pittsburg teens and kids ages 5-25 can step into the spot light while learning teamwork, discipline, and creativity.

Pittsburg children and parents are just a short drive away from a one-of-a-kind theater program designed especially for Bay Area youth. The San Francisco Children's Musical Theater (SFCMT) is an exciting opportunity to build acting talent, take part in live theater, and meet new friends.

If your not finding youth theater activities at your local Pittsburg parks and recreation department, consider a short drive to SF to be a part of a quality SFCMT production.

The San Francisco Children's Musical Theater helps teens and kids from Pittsburg and the Bay Area learn all about theatre.

Busy Pittsburg families will appreciate that the 10 week program rehearses only on Saturdays, making it very convenient. Similar to parks and recreation programs, SFCMT offers "Saturday only" rehearsals, making participation in our productions fun and easy for busy Pittsburg families.

Learn to put on shows with stunning costumes, choreography, and more. Joining the SFCMT means working with director John Bisceglie, who has 25 years of experience directing and choreographing hundreds of community, commercial, and professional productions featuring actors of all ages.

Since it is organized and run by an experienced theater staff, the San Francisco Children’s Musical Theater offers outstanding training with a level of professionalism. Join our mailing list now to learn about the upcoming shows and auditions featuring kids from Pittsburg and the entire Bay Area.