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Welcome to the San Francisco Children’s Musical Theater! We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions about participating in one of our shows or films.

Where do SFCMT rehearsals take place? Rehearsals will take place the Smuin Ballet Center for Dance, 1830 17th St, San Francisco, CA 94103. All rehearsal and show dates are posted on our “theater auditions” page.

How much is the participation fee for “Disney Spectacular!”?

The participation fee for the twelve week program is $325 per child and includes over twenty hours of instruction, all rehearsal materials and use of all costumes provided by SFCMT.

Are all kids cast in the show? Yes. Our policy is to try to cast all who audition, however sometimes scheduling conflicts may prevent a child from being cast in a production.

What if I have a rehearsal schedule conflicts? Please note that cast members are allowed one pre-noted rehearsal conflicts. All known schedule conflicts must be noted on your registration form, (no new conflicts may be added later.) You are allowed no more than one pre-noted absences. Missing more than two rehearsals may result in you being removed from numbers and/or dropped from the show. We do not refund registration, costume or ticket fees to those who drop out or have been removed from the show.

How do I prepare my child to audition?

1. Sign up online to audition prior to the audition date.

2. Feel free to stop in anytime between 2:30-4:30pm and plan to stay for about an hour.

3. Please prepare to sing sixteen bars (around thirty seconds) of any song (without music). Select a dynamic song that really shows off your personality and pipes. If your child is not comfortable singing at auditions, we can have them skip the singing portion of the audition and recite a few acting lines.

4. Bring a photo with you. A snapshot or print-out of a photo will help us remember you when it comes to casting.

5. Relax and get ready to have a lot of fun! We strive to make our program fun, inclusive and low pressure.

Bring a photo with you. A snap shot or print-out of a photo will help us remember you when it comes to casting. 

When do I register and pay? As all who audition are cast, payment takes place at auditions or at our parent/cast meeting on March 18th at 3:00pm. We accept cash, checks and Venmo payments.

How many kids are typically cast in a SFCMT show? Our cast sizes range from 40 to 80. However, we only rehearse in smaller groups of 30 kids at a time (grouped by age), allowing all kids to get quality time with our production team of four teachers. All cast members unite during the last few rehearsals when we put the show segments together. To get a better idea of our cast and group sizes, we recommend watching the video on our home page.

As a parent, am I required to work on the show? No. Unlike many children’s theater groups, we do not require that parents put in extra hours to build sets, sew costumes, put up posters, or supervise rehearsals. However, many parents find helping with our shows to be a very rewarding experience, as well as a fun way to get a closer look at what goes into putting on a live theater production. We welcome any parent that would like to help, and we offer a variety of volunteer jobs to those parents looking to take a more active role in our productions. Volunteering for a SFCMT show is a great way to meet other families, make friends, and help our productions shine!

What if my child needs to drop out before the final performance? It is always difficult to replace a cast member’s role and refigure their placement in dance numbers. Before registering for our program, please make sure that you will be able to complete your commitment to the show. Please be aware that once you have registered for our program, we do not refund registration, costume or ticket fees.

Do you offer scholarships or financial aid? We are not offering any financial aid or scholarships at this time.

How long has SFCMT been in business? We have been creating and producing shows for 30 years in the Bay Area. SFCMT Artistic Director and Founder, John Bisceglie, has directed and choreographed hundreds of community, commercial, and professional productions featuring actors of all ages. For nine years, Bisceglie held the title of Artistic Director for San Jose Parks and Recreation’s Young People’s Theater, and has been serving Gilroy’s Community Services Department in the same capacity for the past twenty years. Visit our “Creative Team” page on the website to learn more about our team.

Do you offer programs in other Bay Area cities? Yes, we offer programs in San Jose, Gilroy and Sacramento.

What else should I know?

1. SFCMT is a fun and safe place for young talents ages 5-25. We have produced 100+ high quality productions working with over 3000 Bay Area youth in a number of different venues. Many cast members have grown up participating in our shows for 10+ years, making SFCMT the forefront of their childhood. Visit our “Parent and Alumni Feedback Page” to learn more about our families and alumni’s experience with our programs and staff members.

2. SFCMT strives for excellence. We work to achieve the highest standards of professionalism possible, while still involving cast members at a level where they can achieve success.

3. Children’s musical theatre is a vehicle that helps young people grow personally and learn about being members of an excellent team. Our shows require teamwork, support and flexibility from everyone. We strive to make each production a memorable and rewarding experience for everyone involved, and ask in return that cast members and their families make their commitment a priority within their schedule.

Questions? Please feel free to call our Director John at 415-580-1811 or email our office Manager Aaron at

Best Regards,

John Bisceglie
Founder/Artistic Director