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“ROAR!” at the Castro Theatre

SFCMT is thrilled to present “ROAR!” at the Castro Theatre in March of 2013. The architecture, grandeur and spirit of the theater make it the perfect venue for the screening of our tribute to the fabulous roaring 20’s. Cast members will feel like Hollywood stars as they enter the theater to attend the screening of “ROAR!”. Surrounded by the luxurious and ornate décor of the interior, audience members will take a trip back in time. Live music of the “Mighty Wurlitzer” pipe organ will be featured prior to the screening of the film, which will be projected from the forty-foot silver screen to an audience of 1400 family and friends.

The Castro Theatre was built in 1922 by the Nasser brothers and has since become a Historical Landmark, with a Spanish Colonial Baroque façade, and a great arched central window. The large neon “Castro” sign, visible from much of the city, is emblematic of both the theatre and San Francisco. Its designer, Timothy L. Pflueger, also designed Oakland’s Paramount Theater and other movie theaters in California in that period. Still owned by the Nasser family, the Castro Theatre is one of the few remaining movie palaces in the nation from the 1920s that is still in operation.