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Alumni and Parent Feedback

My kids have participated in some of John Bisceglie’s children’s productions and I can’t say enough about what a great experience it has been for our entire family. The kids always have fun and have made so many friends while in his shows. Their participation has really helped boost their self confidence and they’ve learned so much about musical theatre. Plus, thanks to these shows, they know songs from all different eras that most kids aren’t familiar with. When our friends and family come to see the kids perform, they are always impressed with the quality of the productions and want to see more. Believe me…these shows are awesome!

SFCMT was an amazing experience for our son and our entire family. The director, John Bisceglie, is a creative genius. The kids absolutely adore him, and he manages to keep them in-line (literally) and excited at the same time. My son came home from rehearsals totally pumped, wanting to sing and dance for us. The show itself was spectacular and the production quality was way beyond anything you might imagine for a show with a bunch of little kids in it. This was one of the best experiences my son has had, and he keeps asking when rehearsals are going to start for the next show!

Just wanted to say a big thank you to you! The show was amazing. All of our friends and family had a great time and were so impressed by the quality and entertainment value of the show. Truly impressive and inspiring. Congrats! Lauren had such an incredible experience being a part of your show. She absolutely loved all of it (the rehearsals, learning her songs at home, the instruction you provided, the other children, the show itself). This was Lauren’s first time participating in anything related to theatre/singing/dance–So, she had no idea what to expect. She really loved it. And, I loved it for her because it made Lauren so happy and confident in a way that I have never seen before. This might be more than you want to know, but before being a part of your production, Lauren was going through a shy phase. (You know… hiding behind my back in public, not wanting to talk to new people, being generally hard on herself, etc.). This may sound like an exaggeration, but her Frosted Follies experience has changed all of that–It’s been like a sort of magic therapy for her. I don’t mean to ‘overshare’ but I wanted to say a genuine ‘thank you’ and let you know what a positive impact you had on her. And, I too, was blown away by your talent for performing and how you lead the children through this huge accomplishment with such professional leadership and life learning. Inspiring!

I’ve been meaning to write this email for weeks now. SFCMT has had such an obvious impact on my son. As you know he has an anxiety disorder which has in the past manifested itself in repressed social behavior punctuated with large, prolonged and even violent explosions. He has been socially isolated and his teachers have considered placing him in a special class for students with “emotional disturbance”. Most importantly he has not experienced very much happiness at school. The change I’ve seen started the second week of rehearsals. He would be anxious and resistant to coming to rehearsals but leave singing and cheerful. He began singing to me when he was unhappy: “my mom is so cranky, I feel so sad. I’m a sad boy, because my mom is mean” after getting a consequence, set to a mournful tune. This may seem cheeky, but it is much preferable to hitting mommy or throwing toys! This is a huge contrast for me as a mom who used to face many awkward and hurtful rejections when I searched the playground for parents willing to expose their angels to my explosive child.) His confidence and ability to communicate with words has manifested something truly remarkable this week. What you do is very important. It is truly healing. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

Just wanted to say that last night’s performance was amazing! You guys did such an amazing job!! We all had so much fun….In the beginning we thought “wow this is too much of a commitment, this is the last time Arianna will be doing this” but after seeing the main even it was all worth it! We actually still want her to keep going with SFCMT. She’s gotten more confident in herself as well and I would like to thank you guys. You guys rock!! Congratulations on a job well done!

What a wonderful show! Congratulations to everyone for all the hard work and dedication! Thank you for providing this artistic outlet for our children, and specifically, for supporting my daughter. With your guidance, she has grown so much throughout her experiences with SFCMT.

Wow! Wow! Wow! John, you and Naomi have done a fantastic job! Great show, adorable kids, all really well put together!

John, Jessica, Laura, Emily, Debbie, and the whole SFCMT, I was amazed and in awe at how awesome the show turned out with only an hour and half practice each week and a 2-practice tech week! SIMPLY AMAZING!!! Thank you so much!

No words can explain how I felt last night. It was an emotional moment for me and for my husband. Everyone did a fantastic job, all your hard work paid off. You built confidence in little ones and you bring smile in 1000’s of people.

I wanted to let you know that Shannon who you met at ten is now twenty (can you believe that?) and is doing really well. A sophomore vocal performance major at Chapman University in Southern California on scholarship. Studying to be an opera singer. You’ve got an awesome program for the kids John and always remember that you really do touch their lives, Shannon has mentioned over the years that as a young kid she really learned a lot from you especially “to be professional”.

This is an AWESOME experience for any kid interested in singing and dancing and of course have recommended to many of my friends!

My children Tamajah and Tameliyah were in your Pop Legends Live and they were hooked. They said they never knew it would be this exciting meeting new friends the glitter-glam costumes Laura picked and the staff were all wonderful I can’t thank you guys enough for every thing you did the show was great , lot’s of talent I even have some of my own friends who came to the show and know they want to know when are the next auditions. Thanks for everything and see you at the next show!

We can’t tell you how amazed we were by Broadway Bound! You orchestrated the most professional, dazzling, unique and age-appropriate performance we could have imagined. You wove kids different ages and abilities into a fabulous tapestry of song, dance, and performance, gracefully and creatively staged, and respectfully showcasing diverse abilities and personalities. It was magnificent. We all loved it–but most of all, Ariel, who felt truly proud of herself, the cast, and an ambitious and worthwhile show. We can’t thank you enough.

We would like to thank John and the wonderful SFCMT staff for an over the top first time experience in your program. We are grateful to all of you for your dedication, commitment, and remarkable efforts to provide an amazing opportunity for young people from all around the Bay Area. Thank you for sharing your creative gifts, talents and skills with so many kids and providing a positive, supportive, fun environment for them to learn and grow.

Thanks for your great work with the kids — you did a phenomenal job and kept the performers’ best interest in mind.

John and crew, thank you all for making the difference in our children’s lives. With so many kids and such little time and man power, you all manage to put together amazing shows! Your vision and dedication go above and beyond our expectations. Leilani had yet another awesome experience. You make her dreams come alive! We’re grateful to have found SFCMT. More power to you! We all look forward to your future productions.

First of all, thank you so much for such an awesome opportunity for Faith to record in a professional studio on Saturday. She is not a pro but truly enjoys this stuff. We just moved here from Michigan within the year and found your organization on the internet so we thought we would give it a try. Watching the kids record in the studio was facinating, exciting and a it is great to know that you have created lifelong memories for these kids and their families. I just wanted to thank you for ALL you do. I watched you coach a few of the kids (including mine) as they sang for you in the studio. Your professionalism, patience, and energy toward your work is remarkable. THANK YOU!

This is just a note to say THANK YOU for an absolutely fabulous job! Tali and Siena, had the most amazing experience performing in Gleeful Live! Along with their school friends, the Meades, Dalzel’s and the Rhea Kiran… we could not have expected a better show. The girls were dedicated, excited, proud, passionate, and most importantly committed to being a part of the ensemble cast, and they are very excited to be in future shows. Your production taught them great life lessons… how to listen, follow direction, practice, audition, and most importantly, being “all in” and dedicated to the show. Our children have had many experiences and successes in sports, theater, school, and in life, but nothing like Gleeful Live. For them to experience the “closed” rehearsals, behind the scenes “drama” and action, was just phenomenal. Most importantly, thank you for taking our kids under your direction. I know how difficult it is to pull a show off, although I have never done it with so many kids and hormones! Again, hats off you all of you, you should be extremely proud and JOB WELL DONE!!

I just wanted to write to say thank you so much for such an amazing experience! Adam had a BLAST! He’s been grinning from ear to ear (cried most of the way home, though as he was so sad it was over). I just cannot tell you how much this whole experience impressed me. WE will definitely be back! Thank you so much for your time, dedication, patience and wisdom… and did I mention patience? I do not know how you do it. Thank you, thank you.

Thanks for a great show. Libby really enjoyed being in your production, and I have say that even with seeing it 4 times, I really enjoyed it each time. That’s most unusual for children’s theatre! Thank you for working wonders with all of the kids, our Hana included. She woke up this morning and said: “I wish I could do just one more show.” If that doesn’t tell you what a great job you did, I don’t know what does. We’ll see you on stage again soon we hope.

I am glad that I found SFCMT, because of this Casey is getting more exposure and experience entertaining people. Gleeful Live is really amazing. John you’re the best, I thank you so much for all your hard work. More power to John and the staff of SFCMT. My family and friends loves you for the wonderful show. Many thanks to John, the crew and the kids. It was a really good experience.

Loved, loved, loved the show! High energy all weekend! Thank you John, Holly, Paige, Debbie, Brooke, Laura, Emily and the rest of the crew who created a phenomenal show! What a great experience for Nicholas!

It was great fun for Madison and for the entire audience. Thank you, John!

John!!! This was absolutely amazing!!! Thanks for everything!! You are an awesome individual and truly, the BEST is yet to come for you! You ain’t seen NOTHIN’ yet!!!

What a great weekend!!!! Congratulations on an amazing show!!!

Gleeful Live! Thanks John for a great experience! Karyna n Madison had a great time!

I know my daughter had a really really GREAT time! It really meant a lot to her and she wants to do it again… She is still on a high and singing the songs over and over again. And it was so fun to see ALL the kids having so much fun, and looking so proud and confident. It was really spectacular.

It is a wonderful show. We are very much impressed and enjoyed the show. And nice to see so many talented kids.

John Bisceglie’s productions open kid’s eyes to a professionalism in a FUN environment! After twelve years of working with John, I am now in my second year majoring in Musical Theatre at Cal State Fullerton, which is all thanks to the inspiration, confidence, wisdom, and experience I have gained through performing in John’s shows! This opportunity should not be missed. The feeling of stardom, pride and achievement that is felt behind the curtains at the start of a Bisceglie show is AMAZING!

I became involved with John Bisceglie Productions when I was 7 years old. Now 25, married, and a mom, I still help out when I can. Working with John was one of the best experiences of my life. Theater helps kids gain confidence. John works with the kids teaching them singing, dancing, and acting skills that they can use throughout life. Investing your time and money into this program will not be a waste. You, and your kids, will be thankful you did. I encourage you to get involved!

My son has been performing in John Bisceglie’s shows since he was 5, now he is 17 and still performing. Not only has my son been involved in John’s shows his dad and I have been assisting John for the past 12 years. John is a very talented director. The costumes, sets, lights are truly amazing when it all comes together, as you can see in the video. All the pictures and information from the video are all real. The SFCMT would be a great program for any child and parent to be involved in.

Our family has been involved in theatre for over four years including 9 productions. Five of the shows my boys have done have been through John Bisceglie productions. John’s productions are high quality from costumes to sets to production. Having high expectations set for our boys have taught them to respect the theatre, how to perform to their potential & to get the most from the entire experience! As parent I have really enjoyed working with John and crew! Friends & Family LOVE the shows!

John Bisceglie is definitely a great director along with having the skills to sing and dance! I was lucky to be in his plays for so many years and grow up with his encouragement and great teachings. I would absolutely put my kids in SFCMT because I know for a fact they would become great stars and gain a lot of self-confidence! Do it! It’s something you would want your kids to do sometime in their life!

SFCMT is a wonderful experience for your kids, even if they want to grow up to be doctors and lawyers. The kids learn to work together, learn how to focus, and gain confidence. Being a part of theatre is true team-work, and it’s so important to give your kids this time to be creative. This ain’t your grandma’s school play, this is Bisceglie’s production and you have got to get involved. You must get your kids into this now!!! John Bisceglie is a creative, kind, energetic, visionary! He somehow is able to produce and direct a large cast of kids into a show that runs smoothly and entertains everyone. He really is a special person, you want to get connected with! He gives everyone and every detail of the production his complete dedication and focus. If the show has a lot of people, you will still get individual attention! Plus the shows are SO fun!!!

I’ve worked with the founder of SFCMT, John Bisceglie, in the past since my age was in the single digits all the way through high school. I’m now 23 and I fondly remember those years as some of the most fun I’ve ever had. Some of the people I worked with were among the most talented individuals I’ve ever seen, and they developed much of it through their performances. Everything stated in this video is true. John Bisceglie is a really funny guy, and he definitely knows talent when he sees it.

John Bisceglie is amazing! I was lucky enough to act, sing and dance under his direction for a decade. His personality is absolutely inspiring, and his work with children is like no other; I have watched him meet kids at Auditions who are so shy and scared, and within 8 weeks, that shy kid is proudly singing the opening number of the show. Delightful! John is extremely positive and amazingly patient. The children of San Francisco are in for a treat with John at the helm!

Four years ago, by chance I came across a flier for auditions to one of John’s musicals. That was my lucky day because without knowing it, I enrolled my then 5 year old daughter into the “BEST” theater program around. The positive characteristics that my child has gained are numerous & the wonderful experiences are priceless; not to mention the joy & friendships the whole family has experienced along the way. I strongly advise anyone who loves to dance, sing or act to join. You won’t regret it!