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Bay Area Theater Program Advertising

Take advantage of a unique opportunity to highlight your business in a medium that reaches thousands of Bay Area families, while supporting quality children’s theater.

Our colorful and professionally printed 8.5″ x 5.5″ programs are handed out, free, to all audiences attending a live SFCMT performance. (4000 per production) This is where your ad will first be seen. Then the programs are often taken home and read again. Some programs are kept for long periods of time, collected by some patrons for many years, and saved as valued souvenirs. Performers and cast members keep the programs for their portfolios. Our theater programs serve the audience as a necessary tool, complete with performer bios, color photos and performance highlights. SFCMT contains all show information to educate and enhance the performance. The show program, much like the performance experience, lasts long after the curtain closes. Unlike newspapers, and many other print collateral, our programs have an extended life, after the initial use.

2010-2011 Color Advertising Rates:

Quarter Page: $75

1/2 Page (Vertical or Horizontal) $125

Full Page: $225

Full Page Inside Cover, Inside Back, Back Cover: $300

Add 25% if you need us to design your advertisement. Below you will find a link to download our program design kit which includes our mechanical requirements. For more information or to reserve your advertisement, please contact John Bisceglie us at

Download our program design guidelines

Thank you for supporting SFCMT.