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Albany Children’s Musical Theater

Calling all young Albany thespians and Albany families: San Francisco Children’s Musical Theater (SFCMT) is now offering exciting performing arts opportunities to kids and teens ages 5-21. Whatever your age, experience level, or talents, you can take part in live shows and performances featuring amazing costumes, chorography – and a healthy dose of fun. Led by director John Bisceglie, who has 25 years of experience working with community, commercial, and professional productions, SFCMT puts on productions that are fun for all kids from Albany and the San Francisco Bay Area. Our ten week SFCMT program rehearses on Saturdays only, making the drive even more convenient for Albany families. Albany youth can have tons of fun at the San Francisco Children’s Musical Theater while learning self-confidence, creativity, team work, discipline, and more. Both Albany families who are passionate about musical theater and families who have never heard the roar of the crowd can enjoy the offerings of SFCMT. Who knows – you might just be astounded by the natural talent in your own home. This summer, expand your definition of Albany theater to include the San Francisco Children’s Musical Theater. The short drive can open your eyes to a whole new exciting world – a world that can enchant and delight you for a lifetime. Look beyond parks and recreation opportunities this summer and consider theater. Join our mailing list today to learn about the exciting auditions and productions featuring kids from Albany and the entire Bay Area.