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Benicia Children’s Musical Theater

Are you a Benicia parents hoping to teach your child discipline, while also building self-confidence and creativity? Do you want your child to meet new friends and have fun? San Francisco Children’s Musical Theater (SFCMT) offers an innovative summer theater program that can help. Our children’s theater program helps teach your child how to take part in an professional quality children’s production. Led by director John Bisceglie, who has more than 20 years of experience in productions that range from community shows to major commercial theater productions, our children’s theater program is a great way to teach your child life skills such as discipline, creativity, poise, and other necessary skills. It’s also a great place for children to have fun while meeting lots of new friends from Benicia and the entire Bay Area. There’s no need to worry – you’ll only need to make the short trip from Benicia on Saturdays. Just like many parks and recreation programs, that’s the only time that our rehearsals take place, making it convenient for Benicia families and families from the entire Bay Area to take part in our productions and rehearsals. If you’re considering our program, make sure to join our mailing list today. It’s the easiest way to keep in contact to learn about our productions, auditions, and rehearsals.