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“Disney Spectacular!” Audition Request

“Disney Spectacular!” Audition Request
Before making an appointment to audition, please be comfortable with the following time commitment and fees involved in participating in “Disney Spectacular!”

Rehearsals & Performances: 10 Saturday rehearsals (1.5 hours each) in San Francisco (a few conflicts allowed). 4-5 performances on August 11th and 12th at the Palace of Fine Arts Theater in SF.

Participation Fee: $195 participation fee due at time of registration. Siblings receive a $35 discount off the participation fee ($160).

Partial Costume Payment: A $40 costume deposit is due at time of registration (remaining costume balance may range from $0-$40). This initial fee is a partial payment towards a ready-to-wear glitzy show costume created especially for your child. Black jazz and character shoes not included (same shoes used in “Gleeful Live!”)

Selling Tickets: Each family is also responsible for selling 25 tickets to help underwrite production expenses. As family members of the cast do not receive free tickets, a portion of your tickets will be used for your own family to see the show, thus lowering the amount of tickets to sell to friends, teachers and co-workers. In most cases our cast members end up selling more than 25 tickets, so finding people to support your child is usually not an issue.

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