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Healdsburg Children’s Musical Theater for Bay Area Kids

This summer, Healdsburg kids and teens have an opportunity to take part in San Francisco Children’s Musical Theater (SFCMT), working with an experienced theater director to create memorable productions for real audiences. SFCMT was founded and is directed by director John Bisceglie, a man with more than 20 years of experience with award winning theater productions at the commercial, community, and professional levels. He’s worked extensively with child actors and youth theater professionals, so he really knows how to bring out the individual talent of each child. Our summer musical children’s theater program at SFCMT lasts about 10 weeks and really packs in lots of fun, learning, and excitement into that short frame of time. During the 10 weeks, Bay Area kids ages 5 to 25 all work together to create a live theater experience for an actual audience in one of San Francisco’s historic theaters. If you want to learn more about our programs, join our mailing list today. Our mailing list contains all the information you need about our auditions, programs, upcoming productions, and more. Keep in mind, too, that the short trip to San Francisco from Healdsburg is even easier for busy Healdsburg families because we rehearse on Saturdays only. If you’re looking for an exciting option to supplement your Healdsburg parks and recreation programs this summer, join our mailing list today to learn more about SFCMT.