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Napa Children’s Musical Theater

Hey Napa kids and teens: Do you love watching music on TV? Do you love to sing? Do you want to be a rock star – or just a star? We are always looking for musical and music-loving teens, kids, and youth between the ages of five and 21 to be involved in the San Francisco Children’s Musical Theater (SFCMT) summer theater programs. Our noncompetitive programs give Napa and Bay Area children and teens the chance to practice and rehearse for a live theater production put on for 1000 people at a historic San Francisco theater. It all begins by joining our mailing list so that you can learn about upcoming SFCMT summer theater program auditions. Find a song that shows off your voice and rehearse the song. Show up to the audition prepared to dance, move, and sing your very best. Once you’ve been selected, you will be working with theater professionals, such as director John Bisceglie, who has more than 20 years of experience in live theater. These professionals will gently ensure that your voice and musical talent is developed and showcased as much as possible. Then, you will take part in a series of Saturday-only rehearsals – perfect for busy Napa families – until you are ready to perform at our live production. At that point, the curtains will open and you will be able to step into the limelight to show off your talents. Along the way, you’ll meet other Napa kids and teens as well as kids and teens from the entire Bay Area. If you’re ready to sing for a live audience and take part in an exciting live production, be sure to join our mailing list today. It’s the ideal way to learn about upcoming auditions and productions from the SFCMT summer theater program for kids.