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Pacifica Children’s Musical Theater

Are you looking for a quality Pacifica children’s musical theater program for your kids or teens? There are many options to choose from and all make different promises. In addition to parks and recreation programs, there are many private programs and classes available for Pacifica children as well. San Francisco Children’s Musical Theater (SFCMT) offers 10 week summer theater programs specifically for children, teens, and youth between these of five and 21 from Pacifica and the Bay Area. Since we were developed by a director with more than 20 years of experience in the theater, we offer a professional quality theater program as well as the chance for your child to take part in a quality production in a real San Francisco theater. Children who take part in our summer theater programs learn all about the theater as well as every aspect of putting together a production. Many of these skills – such as performing in public or learning self-discipline – translate to lifelong skills. Our summer theater programs for Pacifica and Bay Area kids also leave plenty of room for fun as kids and teens experience the excitement of dazzling costumes and live performances. If you like to learn more, join our mailing list today to learn about our convenient Saturday-only rehearsals as well as upcoming auditions and productions.