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Palo Alto Children’s Musical Theater

Are you a Palo Alto parent with a child who loves to dance and sing? Whether your child is new to the stage or is a seasoned performer, San Francisco Children’s Musical Theater (SFCMT) offers a fantastic opportunity in the form of its 10 week summer theater program specifically for kids, teens, and youth between the ages of five and 21. Our summer theater programs are designed specifically to accommodate busy Palo Alto families. To this end, we are located only a short drive away and we feature only Saturday rehearsals, to make it easy for Palo Alto families to take part. However, don’t let the simple structure of our programs fool you – by working with theater professionals, your child will develop their singing and dancing talent will taking part in a professional quality production that features amazing choreography, glamorous costumes, and a large venue. Our musical theater programs for kids and youth are designed around music. In addition to choreographed numbers, children learn how to sing, project their voice, and engage a live audience with their music. It’s a wonderful way for Palo Alto and Bay Area children to explore music in a fun, stress-free setting. If you’d like to learn more, join our mailing list today. It features all the details about upcoming auditions, productions, ticket sales, and news from SFCMT.