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Pleasanton Children’s Musical Theater

San Francisco Children’s Musical Theater (SFCMT) is a quality kids musical theater production company which offers theater programs for Bay Area kids, teens, and youth ages 5 to 25 in the Pleasanton and entire Bay Area. Our summer programs are designed specifically to activate individual creative talents and to inspire children. We believe that everyone can succeed and that everyone has talent, regardless of ability, age, or experience levels. Therefore, our summer theater children’s programs are designed to empower all young performers from the Pleasanton and Bay Area. With a little spotlight, discipline, and teamwork, it’s amazing the range of talent children can reveal in a final production in one of our San Francisco theaters. Our theater productions include everyone from seasoned professional performers to new first-time stars. Everyone works together to create an amazing theatrical protection. Along the way, they have fun and learn discipline, creativity, and other life skills. Bay Area kids in our programs also often form lasting friendships with other Pleasanton and Bay Area kids. If you’re looking for alternatives to parks and recreation programs in your area or are interested in Pleasanton-area children theater programs, join the SFCMT mailing list to learn about our upcoming productions and auditions.