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Sunnyvale Children’s Musical Theater

San Francisco Children’s Musical Theater (SFCMT) is a production company for young performers offering summer musical theater programs specifically for kids, teens, and youth ages 5-25. Children and teens from Sunnyvale and the surrounding Bay Area are invited to take part in our summer programs, which prepare kids and teens to take part in a professional quality production in one of San Francisco’s most historic theaters. When Bay Area kids, teens, and youth take part in the SFCMT children’s musical theater summer program, they learn to develop their voices, musical skills, performance abilities, and more. At the same time, however, the mission of the SFCMT summer children’s theater program is to advance creativity, growth, and development through the theater. To this end, we help foster self-discipline, high self-esteem, creativity, innovation, teamwork, and other life skills in every student who is part of our program. As children work together in our theatrical summer program to put on a production, they meet new friends from Sunnyvale and the Bay Area and learn to work together in creativity to create something new. Often, this leaves a lasting impression – even greater than the excitement over the wonderful costumes and stage set – that stays with children and teens for lifetime. If you’re looking for children’s musical theater programs and parks and recreational programs in Sunnyvale, consider the children’s musical theater summer program from SFCMT. Our 10 week programs offer Saturday-only rehearsals, making it ideal for busy Sunnyvale families and Bay Area kids. Join our mailing list now to learn about upcoming shows and auditions.