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Walnut Creek Children’s Musical Theater

Are you looking for exceptional Walnut Creek theater experiences for your children and family? San Francisco Children’s Musical Theater (SFCMT) is a young performers’ production company offering children’s summer theater programs for young performers between the ages of five and 21. We are just a short drive away from Walnut Creek and offer professional quality training as well as productions. Kids and teens who take part in our children’s musical theater summer programs learn about performance arts and the theater from professionals have been in the theater industry for more than 20 years. Along the way, teens and Bay Area kids have lots of fun as they meet new friends from Walnut Creek and the Bay Area while developing their creativity and discipline. As they step into the limelight, kids and teens develop self-confidence and poise. At the end of each of our summer theater programs, kids and teens who take part in our programs put on a professional caliber theater production in a real San Francisco theater in front of a live audience. Our shows are always well marketed, ensuring a large crowd that makes our young performers even more confident and proud of their abilities. With a Saturday-only schedule for rehearsals and just 10 weeks of practice, we are an ideal theater program to fit into busy Walnut Creek family schedules. If you wish to learn more, sign up for our newsletter in order to be alerted about upcoming SFCMT shows and auditions.